REST services in ColdFusion 10

RESTful Web Services are becoming increasingly popular mostly because of their simplicity and ease of use. You can access RESTful Web Services easily over HTTP/HTTPS. ColdFusion 10 provides support REST services. You can easily expose your ColdFusion Component (CFC) as a RESTful Web Service through a few attributes you specify within your CFC.

Some new attributes are added in ColdFusion10 to help you create a REST service to the following ColdFusion tags: cfcomponent , cffunction , and cfargument . Once you create a component and register it with the Administrator, you can access it via a HTTP request.

First, specify the rest attribute as true within the CFC, along with the restpath attribute, which specifies the path of the service accessed over HTTP. On every function in the CFC it is possible to associate the HTTP method that should invoke the corresponding function.

For more information: click here – There is such a nice article by Sagar Ganatra regarding how to getting started with REST services in ColdFusion 10.


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