application.cfc / cfm not working – Linux Only

Recently, I have moved one of my ColdFusion website from windows server to Linux hosting server. And I got the error that variable ‘Application’ is undefined. I have checked whole my application.cfc and can’t got the issue first but after sometime I remember that the issue with linux server and my application.cfc file name.

If you are using ColdFusion on Linux based servers and have an application.cfm/cfc that is not defining the variables and settings with your ColdFusion code then just you need a capital ‘A’ on the file name shown below:

  • Application.cfm
  • Application.cfc

  • application.cfm
  • application.cfc
If this still does not work make sure to check your permissions on the file are set to be readable. You can always contact the support team if you require any assistance.

2 thoughts on “application.cfc / cfm not working – Linux Only

  1. Nirav, that is due to linux is case sensitive and Coldfusion looking for application file starting with 'A' :). This same issue will with CFIDE folder (or virtual directory as well). It should be in upper case letter only.

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