Get Android 4.3 Update forcefully on Nexus4

Recently, Google release Android 4.3 updates but when I check system update on my nexus4, it’s shows no updates available and it’s still stuck to 4.2. But one of my friend have got update on his nexus4.

Then I found some tricky solution of this. Please follow below steps:
If you haven’t received the update yet, go to Settings and select Apps. There select “All” and scroll till you find Google Services Framework. Select that and click on “Clear Data”, which would give you a warning. Disregard the warning and go ahead with it. Once done, go back to Settings, scroll till the end and select “About phone”. From there select “System updates”. It would show last checked for update sometime in 1970, which is alright. Now check for update again. It takes a few attempts and if you don’t get the update, repeat all the steps again.
Also, I have repeat this steps 2-3 times and then I got the update :). Hope this works for you guys.

Strange Behavior of Javascript

Hello everyone,

I found some strange behavior of Javascript. Let’s look below Javascript statements:

 var myArra = [null,undefined,[]];  
console.log(myArra == ',,');

When I’m going to execute above statements in my firebug console, console.log returns ‘true’. I don’t know why and how can it possible because I’m comparing array with the string value. Can anyone explain why Javascript behaves this?

Let’s look one more scenario

 var myArra = [0];  
console.log(myArra == ! myArra);

Above statement also logs ‘true’ in my firebug console. Anyone have any idea on this?? Can anyone explain above both scenario??

Tools For The Young UI / Web Developer

Some interesting Front-end tools to build high performance and cutting edge application.

Used to maintain consistent coding style between different editors and IDEs.

It’s one of the my favorite tool. It monitors changes in file system and once you save a file, your browser is automatically refresh the page to reflect your changes. It is very cool when you change a CSS file or an image, the browser updated instantly.

Grunt – The JavaScript Task Runner. It’s used for concatenating files, minifying files and for css/javascript linting.

Sublime Text Editor
Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. You’ll love it’s extraordinary features – one of my favorite is: quickly navigate between files and filter on files and directories names.