Start your HTML5 project in 15 seconds

Hello everyone

When I want to start new project, every time I need to download javascript/css framework files such as jquery, bootstrap. I need to put that files to proper js and css folder. Also, need to download icon image files and put them to appropriate image folder. But now I find nice solution for this and you can start your HTML5 project within 15 seconds by using – Initializr – such a nice tool to getting a head start with Front End Generators.

initializr is one of the first generators for generating a project based upon HTML5 Boilerplate. So if you are a fan of HTML5 Boilerplate then Initializr is a fantastic place to start as it allows you to fine tune to HTML5 Boilerplate to meet your needs. It generates for you a clean customizable template with just what you need to start!

Initially it gives you three pre-configuration options:

  • Classic H5BP
  • Responsive
  • Bootstrap

Initializr then allows you to select options in the following categories:

  • HTML/CSS Template – Any extra bonuses like Bootstrap or Mobile first responsive you want to add.
  • HTML5 Polyfills – Modernizr or HTML5Shiv
  • jQuery – Minified or Development
  • H5BP Optional – Allows you to select which parts of H5BP you want to use.

To generate your project you simply select the options you want and click download. That’s it!!!!


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