jQuery – Custom Filters

Sometimes we may need to collect html elements with certain filter which jQuery doesn’t provide. At that time we can simple create custom filters in jQuery. I found such a nice blog – Creating Custom Filters in jQuery. Let’s look how to create custom filters in jQuery.

    $.expr[':'].placeholder = function(elem) {
        return $(elem).attr('placeholder') !== undefined;
    $(document).ready(function() {

A filter is nothing but a function that accepts as an argument the current DOM element to process and needs to return true to keep it in the collection, and false to discard it.

“:” is a property of jQuery’s “expr” attribute. And it containing jQuery’s native filters and you can use it to add your own filter at runtime. Inside the function definition, we just have a single statement that checks if the current element has the placeholder attribute set, and if so, it returns true to keep the element.

For more on creating custom filters in jQuery please go to: http://aurelio.audero.it/blog/2013/09/05/how-to-create-custom-filters-in-jquery/


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