Does Responsive Design Required???

Hi All,

As you all knows that there is a boom of responsive design and everyone wants to make their sites and web application responsive for all devices. But today I just go through the article – Why Responsive Design is wast of time, written by John Sonmez. As of now I’m thinking that Responsive design such a nice and great in web development. But after reading whole article I’m also little agree that for simple content site (like blog, company profile) Responsive Design is good but for a web application of any considerable size, responsive design is waste of time. Here are some reasons that John mention.

  • When you try to make a product that can do multiple things, the complexity of creating that product increases exponentially. Consider this. Which is more difficult to create: a car that turns into a motorcycle, or a car and a motorcycle?
  • There is another major reason why responsive design might just be a waste of time anyway: this should all be the browser’s responsibility, not the web developer’s. This is just like HTML5 brought us changes to HTML that required the browser vendor to start supporting many of the things that web designers were doing manually, like playing video and drawing with JavaScript, it is very likely that eventually the responsiveness of responsive design will be relegated to where it actually belongs anyway, the browser and the markup itself
  • Things are changing rapidly. Mobile devices are getting bigger screens and higher resolutions and becoming much more powerful. While two years ago it was a pain to visit a desktop site from a mobile browser, it is much less painful now. With latest smartphones, I hardly feel the difference at all and I even find myself specifically requesting the desktop version of a mobile site from time to time.

My opinion is that if you have simple content site (like blog, company profile, portfolio) than you should move to responsive design. But if you already have huge size complex web application than I think you should not waste your time to make it responsive.

What do you think? If you have a convincing argument as to why responsive design is worth the effort or why it isn’t as much extra effort, I’d love to hear it. Let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Does Responsive Design Required???

  1. First of all, your blog has responsive design. lol.
    As per me, response UI is good for public pages of your website but in large corporate project I don’t think it require responsive design at all.

    • Yes, Sirji……I’m also agree with you that is why I mention that for simple content site (like blog, company profile) responsive design good. But for huge size of web application I think we not need to waste time to make existing functionality responsive.

  2. Neither for small nor for large Responsive HTML required. Because its totally wastage of time.
    I think responsive should be available only for the NEWSLETTERs which we get as HTML content in our Email. Usually people just check email Not Browse the entire site for their purpose.

    • Nikhil, I think in smartphone era people are also do online shopping and lots more things like reading blog, portfolio and company profile from mobile and tablet. On average, 43.5% of internet users accessed the internet via a mobile phone. So we can’t say that they only check email.

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