Now play Solitaire or Tic-Tac-Toe on Google

Looking to do some time pass with a round of solitaire on your phone? You no longer need a separate app for that – Google is rolling out a couple of simple games right into its search engine and standalone Google Search app. The most popular two classic games of all time – solitaire and tic-tac-toe – available both on the desktop web and in its search app.

For example, type in “solitaire” into the search box, and the game will pop up as a card in the search results. Tap it, and you’ll be taken to a full-screen version of the game, where you can select your difficulty level ahead of game play.



If you Google for “tic-tac-toe” or “tic tac toe”, you’ll also see a playable game in a card in the search results. You can adjust the settings here to Easy, Medium or Impossible. You can also play against another person and choose whether you’re “X’s” or “O’s”. Meanwhile, Google will keep track of your score across rounds.



The playing games is not the only fun you can have in Google Search. You can also settle a bet by typing “flip a coin“. Now to flip a coin you don’t need actual coin you can do it on Google as well 🙂 . Enjoy games on google…….!!!!!!


Possible bug in grid menu of ui-grid when enableFiltering: true

Today, I noticed that when I have a bunch of columns and I’m enabling filtering option of ui-grid (v3.0.7), the gridMenu itself scrolls to top while clicking on an individual option in the menu. Please find plunker below:


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