Learn AngularJS – Basic Tutorial

This AngularJS tutorial is going to give you a very basic AngularJS knowledge. After this short but detailed AngularJS tutorial you will be able to quickly create powerful and intuitive web applications.

Let’s go – Getting started with AngularJS

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Getting Started with AngularJS

Hello Everyone,

There are many javascript frameworks available such as AngularJS, Backbone, Knockout etc. And as an UI Developer, you must familiar with at least one of the javascript MVC framework.

Amoung all frameworks I am going with AngularJS first. There are may reasons that why AngularJS why not others:
Angular promotes all code being modular, reusable, and easily testable and also includes a single-page app routing system. Two-way data binding and directives for dom manipulation are only the start of what makes Angular awesome.

In my opinion, the angular approach is Pretty light, VERY clean and VERY simple in manipulation!

Now, the Angular community becomes very large and there are an overwhelming number resources available on the web. It may confuse you that from where and how to start learning AngularJS. The blog posts can be conflicting and confusing, and a simple google search can turn up 5 articles all describing the same thing in a completely different way. No worries about that as I found one awesome post from: http://www.ng-newsletter.com This post is such cool to start learning Angular step-by-step. They goes through the basic concepts of AngularJS in a logical, conceptual order. You can use this post as your guide and you’ll be mastering Angular in no time. Let’s get started!