input type=number has numeric keyboard with no dot (‘.’) keys in many samsung android devices

I’m developing a web page which having lots of inputs which contents are decimal numbers.
So I tried with <input type=”number” />

But many Samsung android devices displays a numeric keyboard with dot and comma disabled.
While in Nexus 4, same page have a numeric keyboard with dot and comma enabled.

I google this issue, but didn’t find the solution which works for me. I don’t know if there is something I am missing, if there is something I can try, or if something knows that is Samsung Android device’s fault so I can do nothing for this :(.

If you have any solution for this issue please comment it below. Lots of thanks in advance.


Create simple Signature pad with HTML5 Canvas and jQuery Mobile

Hi Guys,

I am going to share how to create simple signature pad with new HTML5 canvas element and with jQuery mobile.

Find below HTML code for signature pad popup div with id=”divPopUpSignContract”. This popup div contains only HTML5 canvas element and two buttons for submit and clear. Continue reading

HTML5 Web Worker v/s setInterval()

Hi all,

In HTML5 we have new Web Worker feature but at first look I think its similar like as setInterval() then why they introduce Web Worker. But no there is one major difference between both is: In JavaScript all execution process remains inside a unique thread while Web Worker supports multi-threading.

Before the workers…

In JavaScript, a long running processing will freeze the main window and blocking the “UI Thread”. This is the main thread in charge of handling all the visual elements and associated tasks: drawing, refreshing, animating, user inputs events, etc. Sometimes you may notice that due to long JavaScript processing browser throws unresponsive script warning as:

To overcome single thread limitation HTML5 is bringing us true multi-threading capability via Web Workers. We can execute the long processing script without freezing the main window. The Web Worker execution will not affect the main “UI Thread”.

When’s the good time to use Web Worker

Any script that you want to execute in the background is a good candidate to run as a Web Worker. Think about the sorting of large arrays, parallel processing, and I think you’ll see where Web Workers could be a big help.

Web Worker Limitations

Web Workers operate independently of the main browser UI thread so they’re not able to access many of its objects. One limitation is that Web Workers cannot access the DOM, so they can’t read or modify the HTML document. In addition, they can’t access any global variables or JavaScript functions within the main page.

Please click to know more about Web Worker: The Basics of Web Worker